Global challenges sustainable solutions

the role of cities, companies and consultants

As an industry, European consulting engineering firms can design and deliver the solutions that are required to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can design solutions and systems that are essential for meeting the requirements of the Paris Agreement on climate change. But as an industry, we need to understand the drivers of change, what are the macro trends? We need to understand the legislation and the formal set-up of regulation and we need to understand the demands, wishes and requirements of our clients – and of our global competitors.

Global challenges and the demand for sustainable solutions will drive business opportunities and create challenges for Consulting engineering firms across Europe. How to position ourselves as an industry and as individual firms in a changing marketplace will be some of the key takeaways from the EFCA Conference 2017.

Andrej Avelini

Andrej Avelini is the Managing Director of EFCG. EFCG is regarded as the leading M&A, strategic, financial, and valuation advisor exclusively dedicated to the engineering/consulting (“e/c”) industry. (Exclusively for CEO participants in the EFCA conference).

Kevin Austin

Dr Kevin Austin serves as C40s Deputy Executive Director. Kevin oversees all of C40s programme delivery, operations and finance functions as well as contributing to global thought leadership and innovation in urban climate change issues.

Jeff Risom

Jeff Risom is Managing Director of Gehl in the US and leads the San Francisco and New York based teams. Jeff’s background and design experience provides him with a unique insight into the technical as well as social aspects of urban design.

Susanne Stormer

Susanne Stormer is Vice President of Corporate Sustainability in Novo Nordisk, she sets strategic direction for the company as a sustainability leader and pioneer in demonstrating long-term business value of incorporating economic, social and environmental perspectives into its market proposition.